Building an Interval Timer

Technology used:
  • Android
  • Kotlin
  • SQL

The Why

I have been spending my time lately building an Android application, you can find it on Github for now, that is to replace my current interval timer at the gym. There are too many of these kinds of apps on around and you’re probably wondering why I built another one.

I started building this app because I needed a timer that would have all the features I want, and the UX I want. The main feature I have built into this application so far has been being able to save timers in a list, and chain timers. I often found myself at the gym having to re-create various interval timers and I was getting pretty sick of it. So I decided to fix the problem.

Since then I have nearly completed the application and hope to release the application soon, at the annoyance of some friends who have been waiting for the app.

Update 05/10/2018

I have since released an open beta version of the app on Goolgle’s Play store, under the name IntervalMe

How I Gained Interest From My Friends

Normally I remain pretty silent about my programming projects because they are almost always for myself, or contributing to open source projects. However I have recently changed my mind on that and have begun sharing progress updates on my social media, primarily my Instagram. Everyone else seems to share random things from their life on Instagram so I thought I should as well, considering how much time I spend programming.

IntervalMe Application Screenshot