Fixing Teamviewer MSI To Allow Machine Install


When trying to install Teamviewer 12 (and probably later versions) through the MSI you can’t use a machine installation because the MSI requires a basic UI to be setup. You can do this with a user install by setting the GPO to basic however that means only an admin can login into the computer and install the MSI


Use Microsoft Orca, in the win32 tools, to add a property in MSI tables to set basic UI

  1. Add UILevel property to the MSI Property table.
    • This allows the user interface level to be set in command line options.
    • You might also be able to use UILevel=2 in the command line to force to No Ui mode
  2. Save that as a mst
  3. Add the MST to gpo as a modification
    • Note you have to set the package as advance when creating it in the GPO so you can add the modification